Alberto Orsini
Design Leader and UX Specialist


Most people can succeed while working remotely

There are many professions that can't be accomplished remotely. However, there are tons of industries where remote workers can perform equally, if not better, than their employee counterpart sitting at an office. I want to share what might be obvious to some, but an enigma to others, about succeeding while working or employing remotely.

Defining User Experience Success

It is fair to say that establishing life goals is part of our collective behavior. We do this all the time. As UX designers though, I think too often we fall short of truly knowing if our strategy and design execution is meeting our goals. That is if we create design goals in the first place.

Super Productive Setup for Remote Work

I am used to working in teams. Up to last September my main job for years was building and scaling design teams. I had the fortune to engage with companies from all sizes and got to work alongside the best individuals in our tiny corner of the UX industry down here in Miami. So it is fair to say that after years of developing procedures, implementing feedback loops across product, design and development teams and tracking velocity, it was a big departure for me to step down from those types of roles to go at it solo. 

The anatomy of a button in Sketch

They say that if you’re constantly repeating a process, there’s a good opportunity for automation. And that is truer than ever in an era that focuses on areas like rapid development, machine learning and AI. As designers though, we often quietly struggle with doing things a certain way with the only excuse that we’ve been doing things that way forever.

How to build a well balanced UX team

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the acronym UX is used more and more these days. While User Experience is not a term that only applies to an app development lifecycle, more often than not we refer to it as such. As the world becomes more aware of “UX” as a keyword, its true meaning gets blurred while hiring managers and recruiters struggle to build a solid team.

Today I Quit My Job

There’s something eery about my last day at work. A lot of uncertainty in the air, some self doubt, a lot of hope and an unshakeable tingle in my hands. Faces that will be missed and meeting cancellations. With all of that, there’s also deep, personal thoughts.