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UX Review

Is your app providing users with the best possible experience?

Let's find out with a UX Review.

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What is a UX Review?

I will go through your app and do a detailed feature-by-feature teardown, look for opportunities to delight your users with a better experience, find areas which can be improved through design, and provide actionable insights so your team can iterate and develop the best version of your app yet.


A UX Review is right for you if:

  • You know the key to having a great product means providing your users with the best possible experience.
  • Your app is good, but you know it can be great.
  • Your users are getting lost in your app, or are struggling to discover important features.
  • You just don't have enough UX capacity within your internal team.
  • You are receiving great feedback from your users, but are struggling to create actionable steps for your development team.
Alberto creates experiences that are rooted in true user functionality and understands how to make the most effective choices early on in the creative process.
— Charlie Hale @ Olumia Life


Back when I was leading the UX team at HBO Latin America, I developed a method to measure the efficacy of any user experience called The 4 Pillars of User Experience Success.




Each step in your app should transparently communicate its value to the user. Information should be distributed in a way that is approachable and commonsensical.


Content is aware of your audience in its design and hierarchy. Messaging is helpful, UI patterns are indicative of function and there is meticulous attention given to typography, contrast and color.


An app doesn’t float in a space of its own. It should communicate your brand and feel cohesive in its design, interactions and overall voice of product.


Your product should be inviting in nature, user aware and conducive to a main goal.



I will measure your app using this method and give each feature or flow an overall score. This will, in turn, allow you to focus on fixing and prioritizing what is most important.

At the end of the UX Review, you will receive a PDF document detailing all the findings, feature-by-feature scores, actionable feedback with diagrams and explanations where applicable and a strategy session with your team to discuss each takeaway.



The UX Review is $1,999.00 USD per platform (web, iOS, Android) and includes everything described above. Most UX Reviews take approximately 1 week to complete.



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